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Innagual Baseketball League
2 weeks to get your teams Finalized

I still need a few last players to finish out the 8 teams.  Its looking like it will be a 14 game season, with each team playing every team twice.  I am working on the scedule the next few days.  I need to get available days teams can play from a few people yet.  Im looking to start next week.  So get ready.

I have 4 confirmed Teams as of right now.  I would love to have 10.  This Sport requires little skill and any team can win.  Here are the Rules:

1. 3 Men on a Team W/Option of an alternate in case someone cant show up. Female players are allowed it is only shooting and making fun of people (could be used as great distractions....Wink)
2. I dontr have the measure ments next to me right now. - Feet for a single a freethrow will be a double, - feet for a tripple, and - feet for a home run.
3. A Missed shot is an Out, And Tipins are double plays
4. Each Team PLays another is Best of 3 Series Each Game consistans of 9 innings. (Unless tied then extra innings)
5. 2 Players on Defense can try for tipins in order to get double plays. While the other person on defense is used to try and "psych out" the shooter, and cannot be used for tipins.
The Psych out person is allowed to say or do anything without touching or interfering with the players shot. There will be 2 Comish's running this league Myself and my friend Steve Smith we will be ruling on whether we feel the shooter just missed or missed because of what was said.
For a Single everyone who is on base moves 1 base
For a Double Everyone who is on base moves 2 Base's
Stats will be kept throughout the season on singles, Doubles, TRipples, Home Runs, Batting Average, Psychouts, and Tip ins per player per team.
I will have a website that will show your stats and all the league LEaders as well


I decided to postpon the league to next year....I will have a day and time decided for when games will be played...until then we will be playing exhibition games.  Ive added a few things such as an allstar game and home run derby and fielder choice contest.  1 exhibition game was played and i posted the stats

I have the layout of the Scedule done but no dates and times yet.